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Saying the food bank was determined to bring back the Mac-n-Cheese Bowl as an in-person event and believes an outdoor setting will help allay lingering health concerns about large gatherings, Development Director Caitlyn Krug said in a statement, "With the community’s continued support, the Mac & Cheese Bowl will raise much-needed funds to help meet the increased need caused by the ongoing pandemic."

"We are excited to welcome the annual Mac-n-Cheese Bowl to its new home in downtown Cohoes," the city's mayor, Bill Keeler, said via email. He said, "Historic Remsen Street is the perfect outdoor venue to celebrate and support the essential work of the Regional Food Bank."

The revitalization of downtown Cohoes in recent years, centered on Remsen Street, has seen the opening of multiple restaurants and other dining options as well as breweries. Krug said bringing the Mac-n-Cheese Bowl to the Spindle City offers a chance to help boost its businesses and grow the fundraiser beyond the size and opportunities possible with an indoor event, including with more vendors and perhaps entertainment from Playhouse Stage Company, which is headquartered at the Cohoes Music Hall on Remsen Steet. Krug said she envisioned a thriving outdoor event analogous to  chowder festivals in Troy and Saratoga Springs that, at least pre-pandemic, attracted far larger attendance the Mac-n-Cheese Bowl.

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The duration of the event, likely held in the afternoon, has yet to be decided, as has the pricing structure. In the past, a flat admission of $20 covered samples from all participating restaurants, but, Krug said, that might be changed to ticketed samples, similar to the chowder festivals.   

The Mac-n-Cheese Bowl was suggested as a fundraiser for the food bank more than a decade ago by a reader of the Table Hopping blog. It was created and is run by food bank staff, with and Table Hopping as principal sponsors.  

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FOREX-Dollar resumes upward March on higher yields; yen falls again


FOREX-Dollar resumes upward March on higher yields; yen falls again